Near the Sea we forget to count the days!

Mike Kiefer

Traditional hand crafted wood signs in America date to Colonial times when the ship carver often carved wood signs for the townsfolk to supplement his income. Boatbuilder, carver and artist, Mike Kiefer continues this venerable tradition by offering the best in hand craftsmanship and design to discriminating sign purchasers. Each sign is an expression of the owners taste and needs for advertising. Each custom sign stands out in a world of mediocre and often ineffective signage. The rewards to business are immediate and tangible by making a good first impression to the public which often translates into increased sales. A good wood sign also conveys pride of ownership and will outlast many other kinds of signs.

The typical wood sign is either cedar, redwood or high density urethane or a combination of these.Cedar and redwood are extremely decay resistant woods and will last for many years in the outdoor environment. High density urethane is a synthetic "wood" and will last indefinitely. HDU does not rot, warp,crack or split like wood and will outlast a wood sign by many years. HDU is a modern product that looks like wood but will not degrade in the outdoors. It is the best material for a superior and long lasting sign.

Lettering on the signs is either carved (into the wood) or sandblasted. Carving is done the old fashioned way with mallet and chisels. Lettering in sandblasted signs stand out in relief from the background which shows the grain of the wood much like driftwood. Carvings and paintings finish the sign and make each one a unique work of art.

Each sign is painted with exterior acrylic and enamel paints. Paint can last from 5-15 years depending on how directly it faces the sun. The glue used to build the signs is boatbuilders epoxy which is completely waterproof.

Hand crafted wood signs are appropriate for all kinds of businesses, cities, resorts, cottages, homes and RVs. For a one of a kind sign call Mike Kiefer at Great Lakes Boatbuilding South Haven, MI. 269 637-6805.

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